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Our NHS approved range of Marlux curtains has been used in hospitals nationwide for many years and now include specialist anti-bacterial fabrics that kill hospital acquired infections including MRSA, E-coli, SARS and anthrax in under 30 mintues.

Marlux Universal Disposable Cubicle Curtains are manufactured with reinforced eyelets that fit most existing hooks. To install, simply hook onto existing cubicle track.

All Marlux disposable curtain systems are manufactured from high quality, durable, 100% recyclable bacteriostactic polypropylene material which does not support bacterial growth.

18 Items found
Disposable shower curtains
£29.88 excl. VAT
DPL3 Disposable Cubicle Curtain
£39.99 excl. VAT
Disposable dpl4 cubicle curtains in cream
£41.49 excl. VAT
DPL4 Harrier Movaglide Disposable Curtain Mint
£41.49 excl. VAT
Fast-Fit - Bali Sand
£261.99 excl. VAT
Fast-Fit - Forest Green
£261.99 excl. VAT
Fast-Fit - Pastel Blue
£261.99 excl. VAT
Fast-Fit - Summer Blue
£25.98 excl. VAT
UniGlide -  Bali Sand
£363.99 excl. VAT
UniGlide  - Forest Green
£363.99 excl. VAT
UniGlide -  Pastel Blue
£363.99 excl. VAT
UniGlide  - Summer Blue
£30.99 excl. VAT
Universal - Bali Sand
£321.99 excl. VAT
Universal - Forest Green
£321.99 excl. VAT
Universal - Pastel Blue
£321.99 excl. VAT
Universal - Summer Blue
£26.99 excl. VAT

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