Omnitrack L-Shape
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Omnitrack Straight Track
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Omnitrack U-Shape
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About Omnitrack

Omnitrack offers unrivalled versatility thanks to its innovative design. The dual glider functionality makes this the only track compatible with disposable curtains running on both internal and external gliders, making Omnitrack the only track solution you will ever need.

The white powder-coated design has been created especially for use within the healthcare industry. The channel-free design eliminates dust and other impurities from building up on the track, making Omnitrack the ideal choice when maintaining sanitary conditions at all times is of utmost importance.

The made-to-measure track leaves no gaps between the curtain removal point and the wall bracket, ensuring 100% privacy levels. It can either be fitted on suspension hangers or directly onto the ceiling depending on your requirements.

Omnitrack Specification

  • Made from high grade aluminium

  • Compatible with Fast-Fit, Universal and Uni-Glide curtains

  • Select from straight, L-shape or U-shape layouts



  • Accepts disposable curtains with both internal and external gliders

  • Made to measure tracks

  • The only track on the market with no channels, so no dust traps and no rubber capping required

  • Provides 360° privacy levels

  • PushClick curtain removal point included for quick and easy curtain change


No Channels

Omnitrack has been designed with the importance of hygiene in mind, meaning there are no channels on the track for dirt to get trapped in.


Future Proof

Omnitrack can be made to any size, shape and layout and provides a one-stop-shop solution thanks to the flexibility of its dual-track system.



The unique dual-track design allows for compatibility with multiple curtain hooks, making it the only curtain track you will ever need.


Omnitrack Cubicle Track System

Versatile dual-channel cubicle track system manufactured in the UK

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