Movatrack M100 L-Shape
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Movatrack M100 Straight Track
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Movatrack M100 U-Shape
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About Movatrack

Movatrack cubicle track systems are in use in many hospitals throughout the world. Movatrack is firmly established as a leading brand of cubicle track due to its unique blend of properties - innovative design, practical effectiveness and rugged reliability.

Even after years of intensive use, curtains on Movatrack roller hooks do not jam, and the tracks never need lubricating - only normal cleaning procedures are necessary. The rigid, high-grade aluminium profile will span 3m with ease, and the wall fittings are manufactured from die-cast aluminium.

Designed from the outset with infection control in mind, the roller hooks run in an enclosed channel and the flat, channel-free top surface provides no dirt trap and allows for safe and simple cleaning.

All Movatrack products are available nationwide, with experienced installation and service teams providing an unrivalled level of support.

Movatrack Specification

  • Made from high grade aluminium

  • Compatible with Universal curtains

  • Available in white powder-coated finish

  • Option to order with roller wheel curtain hooks

  • Select from straight, L-Shape or U-Shape layouts. Other layouts are available to order on request


  • Low maintenance, durable roller track system

  • No lubrication required

  • Every curtain track is fitted with a curtain removal point

  • Silver anodised finish available to order on request


Strong Profile

Made from high-grade aluminium for optimum durability.



Enclosed Channels

The roller hooks run in an enclosed channel to eliminate dirt trapping.


Roller System

It is the only track on the market compatible with roller wheel curtain hooks for smooth operation.

Movatrack M100 Cubicle Track

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